Advanced planning avoids many problems, but problems and conflicts still arise. Furney Law provides counsel that is creative and effective. Clients rely on us for a professional approach to avoiding problems, when possible, and for resolving problems, when they arise.


Practice areas include:

  • Condominiums & HOAs - CC&R and Rules Drafting, Enforcement, Plaintiff & Defense
  • Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Probate, Creditor Claims
  • Contracts - Drafting, Enforcement, Contractors, Services, Consumer Protection
  • Insurance - Life, Annuities, Accident, Regulation
  • Structured Settlements - Factoring Transactions, Expert Witness
  • Compliance - Program Design & Training, e.g. Antitrust, Money Laundering, FCRA, etc.
  • Unemployment - Employee, Employer, Claims, Appeals
  • Government & Industry Relations - Legislation, Regulation, Lobbying

Multi-disciplined, creative solutions. Most clients, and many attorneys, "don't know what they don't know". Examples of combining experience in multiple disciplines to craft creative solutions:


  • Client sued contractor for negligent installation of rockery. Contractor argued that rockery complied with State code. We discovered that contractor's trade association adopted more stringent "standards" - while contractor was president of the association. Client received 100% of cost to rebuild the rockery.
  • Condo board sued condo owner for violation of a rule adopted by the board. We argued that the "rule" was, in fact, an amendment of the CC&Rs, which "rule" the board had no authority to adopt without a vote of the membership. The board dismissed its claim.
  • Creditor sued an estate and the personal representative, personally, for contract damages. Creditor offered to dismiss its claim against the PR if PR confessed a judgment against the estate. PR countersued for extortion and commercial bribery (both felonies). Creditor dismissed its claim against the PR and settled for 20% of its claim against the estate.
  • Client proposed selling an inactive corporation to a business associate for $10. Inquiry revealed that the corporation had a $200,000 tax loss carryforward, which would have been lost. (As a good faith gesture, client paid the cost of creating a new corporation for the business associate.)















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